Idle Workers


People who are mainly working low pay shit jobs for survival, unmotivated, with shut down dreams. They have access to free wifi connection and most of the time nothing is happening around them.

They are security guards, sales clerks, with no one coming and going constanly, yet they do not generally use the precious time to learn and get out of the curse of slavery.


Any job where the worker wants the time to fly by: is fundamentally broken. Why not automate them. Work is a major part of our life and therefore dictates our overall happiness.

How can we give Idle Workers leverage in doing something meaningful or learning something that gets them to actually have the ability to do meaningful work?

Potential Solutions:

Activity Value Blocks. A block of activity that Idle Workers
(aka curation markets members) could do.

>> Answering bounty questions
>> Finishing bounty jobs
>> Ranking answers